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In The Beginning.....

"With the development of commercial air services (and radio) in the 1930s came the need for a supporting ground organisation.

This need was reinforced by the tragic losses of the first ANA's Avro X Southern Cloud in 1931, Airlines of Australia's Stinson VH-UHH in 1937 and the second ANA's DC3 Kyeema in 1938.

At first marine radio stations were used for communication with aircraft, but soon a dedicated air traffic services organisation was established, one that continues to play a vital role in safe air transport today."

..courtesy of the Airways Museum Website

LATEST NEWS ........

Morse versus Texting

This warms the heart. Click HERE

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Where Are They Now???

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Please, please make this new addition to Listening Watch work.

Send your present whereabouts (and what you are doing) to admin@listeningwatch.org. Also include a story about your experience in FS/ATC/Com. Your story could be a funny episode or experience in your career, or a story that showed FS/ATC/Com were a valuable service back in your day.

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New Book by Doug Whitfield

This is my latest book, though not about aviation, I tried a different angle and it seems to have worked.

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Doug Whitfield.

Aeroplane windsock - The Quaal Windsock - Sundance Wyoming

I thought that this may be of interest? I was quite taken with it! An antique Beechcraft airplane serves as a giant windsock for people driving through the blustery open country of eastern Wyoming.

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Doug Whitfield.


It is with sadness we report the following recent passings :

Kerry Rorison -- Dave McDonell -- Russell Chalmers
Warren Tulk -- Jack Kleinhanss -- Wayne Hedges
Robin Bridger -- Tom Crogan -- Terry Hine
Steve Mahoney -- Barry Hayward -- Graham "Sandy" McNab
Steve Aiberti -- Lawrence Passmore -- Alec Lee
Trevor Schwarz -- Sid Goodwin -- Fred Kluth
Ron Foale -- John Birt -- Alan Pedersen
Alan Clayton --- John Cooper --- Kevin Coomber
Bob Taylor --- Mike Roberts --- Keith Bebbington
Noel Jackson --- Robert Whitecross --- Clive Norfolk
David Turnbull --- Allan Kirk --- Steve Royal
Les Quilliam --- Bill Parkin --- Martin Melkus
Bruce Gow --- Peter Cope --- Jack Shave
Dave Holmes --- Peter Hull --- Allen Nutton
John 'Gino' Cooper

Details are available in the RIP Section.